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Vallée Lot Dordogne

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The 2023 season is over! Before relaunching the 2024 season, we’re taking a few days off ourselves 🙂 . Bookings will be possible from mid-October, when we’ll be fully available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Campsite Le Rêve - Lucile & Richard

Lieudit Revers - 46300 Le Vigan


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Camping in the Lot - Occitanie - contact us

You can contact us by phone every day. We live on the campsite all year round and can be reached over a wide range of hours. Richard or myself, Lucile, will answer your call and we will be happy to help you. When we are away from the campsite, the landline phone switches to the mobile.

If the time of day you have a question is not ideal to pick up the phone, it is possible to reach us by whatsapp or messenger and via the social networks Facebook or Instagram. Email is another alternative of course, you can use the contact form above. If we are available at the time, we will be able to answer you. If not, you may have to wait until the next day!

Choose your preferred method of communication!

How to get to us

From the NW (Nantes for example), you can avoid avoid toll roads. You’ll want to come through Cholet, Poitiers then Limoges then you’ll take exit 53 onto road D820 towards Cahors and Cressenacet. You’ll quickly see the sign towards Le Vigan. Follow that direction to get to D673.

From the North, via Paris: Take highway A10, then A71, then A20 towards Limoges and Toulouse. Take exit “56-Gourdon” towards Le Vigan.

From Toulouse:  Take A20 to exit “56-Gourdon”, then follow Le Vigan

How to get to us when you’re almost there…

After making the right on D673:

Continue 1.4 km then make a right turn. You’ll see a big sign for “Le Rêve” at the intersection.

After exit 56 on A20:

You’re juts only 15 min away…! Once you get to Le Vigan, right after the Lac Vert on your right you’ll come to a roundabout before the village. Make a right and continue 3 km, then make a left. There is a sign for “Le Rêve” at the intersection.

How to get to us when you’re really really close…

The very last part has a little rougher roads, so you’ll want to slow down just a little ! After 700m, make a right, continue 900m then make a left, continue another 900m to get to a fork…go right. That was for the more anxious among us…!!


Be careful not to use the shortcut through Camy as this road is not suitable for big vehicle, all the more for a caravan!

A few bonus tips for those arriving from the west

We’ve driven this road many times, so here are a few tips we’ve gathered along the way.

So.. Your kids did not need to use the loo before you left, but it’s very urgent now !! When you’re not on a highway, it’s more difficult to find toilets on the road. So here are a few tips:

In the village of La Ferrière, you can stop on the main square. There is a little car park on your right, a little square with benches, toilets, and water fountain. We recommend the little café 20m further, just across from the baker who also serves coffee with the croissants…

In the village of Messines there is a rest area where you can also find food or stop for a coffee.

In Parthenay you’ll find a few very famous fast food restaurants, including a kids favorite. It’s right on the way so no need for a detour.

Other transport

“Brive – Vallée de la Dordogne” airport

Toulouse Blagnac International Airport
0 825 38 00 00

Train: Paris/Toulouse stop Gourdon

Information / Reservations / Vente : 
Direct line: 36 35 (O,34 e/mn)

Way of Saint James, path of Puy en Velay

We are close to GR®64 et GR®652 long

GPS coordinates

N 44.77312   E 01.44143