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Week-End à Thème - Le Rêve - Trompe l'oeil

Weekend holiday

Convinced that we need breaks to reconnect with ourselves, we have built short stays and weekend holiday proposals enabling these moments of relaxation and well-being. We have a large choice of opportunities thanks to the richness that the region and the natural environment offer us. Tempted by a surprisingly weekend stay to discover the Dordogne river? Or want to join the annual September hot-air balloon show in the sky of Rocamadour? What about simply profit by a weekend stay to exchange on one’s experience as a gardener or on permaculture? In family, with friends or as a couple, come and live your breath break in Le Rêve, in Occitanie, Lot.

Resourceful weekend stay


3 nights/ 4 days

Discover the Dordogne river and its surroundings in a gentle way, taking the time to observe nature. Three different modes of locomotion for three complementary points of view: electric bicycle, canoeing and walking. A common point: serenity, calm and the pleasure of discovering the richness of nature by taking the time.

Gaelle, from the green bikes of the Lot, will provide you with the bikes and some explanations to get you familiar with the electric assistance. A very comfortable means of locomotion that allows you to ride for miles by adjusting the effort you wish.

For the canoe trip, you will be accompanied by Patrick, a professional river guide, who will show you the usually unnoticed things and who will reveal some secrets of nature.

Dates* : May 9-12, 2024


Over 2 days
Free participation

Join us for a Biodiversity Fresco, followed by a discussion on “How can I make a difference around me? The biodiversity fresco is a structured tool for raising awareness of the transformations taking place within living organisms. We can feel powerless in the face of these facts, feeling alone and not knowing how to act at our own level. The discussion that follows the fresco will focus on action and the challenge of raising collective awareness. What can we do at our level? What can we do to ensure that the people around us – our neighbours, friends and family – become aware of the challenges of biodiversity and want to take action?
We will be illustrating the findings of the fresco in practical terms through a fun field trip. We’ll be identifying trees and shrubs, birds and small “unloved” animals such as insects, and sharing the problems we’ve observed in recent years.

Dates : 25/26 mai 2024

Organic wine
and terroir

1 night/ 2 days

Wine is a passion, a pleasure and an excellent pretext to discover a region in an original way by combining cellar visits and walks in typical villages of the Lot Valley.
We have selected for you some wine estates in Cahors, all converted to organic farming. For a day, we accompany you on these roads to discover the history of this appellation and its grape variety, Malbec, with a gastronomic break at lunchtime.
In addition, to allow you to discover and savour the local products of the Lot, goat cheese and walnut oil, we organize visits of local producers, both located near the campsite.

Dates* : 01/02 June 2024


Over 1 day
Free participation

We’ve all heard about the greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to global warming, and about our goal of keeping that warming below +2°C. What does this mean for us as individuals? What role does the individual play in the success of this challenge? We invite you to take part in a participatory workshop devised by the “Nos vies bas carbone” association, which will help you to see things a little more clearly! After an explanation of the famous concept of the “tonne of carbon equivalent”, the aim will be to think together about concrete actions and share solutions that work and do us good. We’ll be talking about ourselves, our experience and what we’re prepared to do in practical terms to contribute to this ambition of decarbonisation for a viable and happy future. Following the workshop, there will be time for discussion.

Date : 8 June 2024


Over 1 day
Free participation

In the face of the many extreme weather events we are experiencing, global warming is no longer really in question. We hear of heavy rain, floods, very strong winds and even fires in places that were previously spared. While this notion is now taken for granted, we are not always very familiar with the causes and effects that lead to these changes. By taking part in a “Climate Fresco” workshop, you can have fun discussing all these concepts, asking questions and gaining a better understanding of what’s going on. At the end of the workshop, we invite you to exchange ideas with us and share the pragmatic actions we can take.

Date : 22 June 2024


Over 1 day
Free participation

We’ll give you an excuse to enjoy your passion. Join us on one or other of these weekends (or both!) and take some time for yourself by taking part in our “board games” activity. Come along with friends or make new acquaintances on the spot over a game of board, cards or dice… We’ll put our games at your disposal. You can also bring your own if you wish. The workshop starts in the afternoon and can be extended into the evening. It’s open to everyone, free of charge, whether you’re staying at the campsite or in the neighbourhood. Weather permitting, we’ll be using the tables on the terrace, and if it’s more difficult, we’ll be in the restaurant. We look forward to sharing some good times together.

Dates : 18 may 2024 & 15 june 2024

* If you are interested in the weekend stay ‘gardening together’ or ‘Dordognathon nature’ on other dates, please contact us
Can be cancelled if there are not enough participants


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