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Camping Le Rêve - Have fun, exercise

Have fun, exercise

You can have fun and exercise on the campsite thanks to the facilities and animation, which is reinforced during the months of July and August. We also encourage you to discover the region through the various activities it offers. For bike outings, please visit the page Hiking and biking.

Sports activities in the Lot


You can go down the Dordogne river from Grolejac for example, with our partner Philippe de Canoë sans frontière. We recommend you the circuit of the castles where you’ll see not less than 7 castles until Beynac. You leave for the day and you go down at your own pace, calmly with stops for swimming or by making a little more effort, it is your choice. Don’t look for the rapids, there are none on the river, the route is accessible for everyone. A phone call ½ hour before arrival and you’ll pick up back to your car.


We are talking about our good plans here, which means that we know and have tested the activities described. However, I will make an exception with this category because I must confess that I am not really fond of thrills… I tried to push Richard but he always has a good reason to postpone the experience!  So I trust the testimonies I heard! It is at the confluence of the rivers Célé and Lot that Kalapca Loisirs offers you an impressive range of possibilities. It should be emphasized that they try to integrate practicable routes for the youngest.

Climbing> 6 years old
Caving> 6 years> 1m40
Vertical caving > 6 years old
Caving in underground river > 13 years
Via Ferrata > 12 years old
Underground via corda > 1m45
Tyrolean traverse 40 kg < > 120kg


The bois des elfes is a parc that will open its infrastructure to the public in early 2021. It’s nice since it’s in Gourdon, 1/4h from our place. Acrobatic courses in the trees accessible from the age of 2 years old with a wide variety of workshops, including a labyrinthine course, giant zip lines flying over the water and more. Or even an interactive Escape Game between sky and earth or orienteering and digital treasure hunt, for those who are less fond of heights. 


You leave with our partner guide in groups of 4 to 15 people maximum, on a section of river that is not very busy even in high summer. Patrick will share his passion for the Dordogne river, he will explain you the flora, show you the kingfishers, you will venture into dead arms accessible only by canoe and Patrick will even do a little magic! Quiet walk for half a day to a day, with no skill required and with the assurance of coming back satisfied! I won’t tell you more and let you discover…


When it’s very hot, it’s a good idea to get some coolness from the river or lake. We recommend Saint Julien de Lampon, on the Dordogne river. Pebble beach with spots where children can wade quietly. But also some spots where the locals train and swim against the current. The current depends on the period and the rainfall. In Gourdon, you have the leisure center “Ecoute si il pleut” (Listen if it rains), or the one in Cazals where you can go pedal boating for example.


The Dordogne river is a must. It can be done in a gabarre, a replica of the traditional sailing boat of the 18th and 19th centuries. You embark for a loop of one hour from La Roque-Gageac, one of the favourite villages of the French. A quiet commented trip that allows you to take a break during the day between visiting Domme and the castle of Castelnaud for example!


We have a fishing pond in the village of Le Vigan, le Lac vert. There are organized fishing initiations for children. This is also the case on Gourdon. The most famous spot is obviously the Dordogne river where we look for trout, grayling but also pike and perch. Le Rêve is located 20min from the site of Mareuil. We hold at your disposal, the fishing guide of the department.