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Our Rates

You’re interested in what we have to offer? Thank you. You’ll find below information on rates for pitches, accomodations and services. A detailed description is available for you to find your way between the packages without electricity, with electricity GREENeco and GREEN+


2024 online booking available

Booking directly from the producer !

Concerning our pricing and booking policy, we have chosen to work directly from the producer, without any intermediary, whatever the time of the year. We are present on a few directories but all of them redirect to our website or online booking portal. This decision is made possible thanks to you, our campers and visitors who share with their friends, acquaintances, the pleasure of having spent time with us and recommend our campsite.

Consequently, we guarantee that the rates you will find here are the only and most advantageous!

Rates and availability

Tip: choose the month of your visit and the target length of your stay, 1 week or 2 weeks for example. If you want to be more precise, choose “free dates” and enter your own dates. The calculation will be done automatically.

Focus on campsite prices

We have chosen to encourage energy sobriety through three packages linked to your use.


SELF-CONSUMPTION package: you are 100% autonomous, including for your mobile phone!

👉 Who is this package for? Campers in tents, travellers in camper vans or caravans who are equipped with solar panels and do not use the campsite’s electrical outlets, either the adapted terminals or the outlets available at the sanitary facilities.

👋 Practical tip: you have a solar charger or you use an adapter to charge your phone on the 12V socket of your vehicle.


GREENeco package: you are actively engaged in energy saving during your holidays and use a few items of equipment that consume little electricity, such as simple lighting, battery chargers including electric bike batteries. You go without electricity for all your cooking needs.

👉 Who is this package for? It’s for campers with tents or travelling in a car or simple van, without cooking facilities.

👋 Practical tip: you have a gas stove for cooking. You use the shared refrigerator and shared freezer for ice blocks in your icebox.


GREEN + package: you are aware of the need to consume sensibly but you need to power electrical equipment to have a peaceful holiday. For tents, the most classic is the electric cooler and the refrigerator. For caravans or motorhomes, you are automatically in this category because of the equipment available on board… unless you have a solar energy use that can cover all your needs.

👉 Who is this package for? All types of campers.

Special offers

You can find the relevant gift offers on the special surprises page.

Our services

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