Frequently asked questions

For extra convenience during your stay, here are general information about the campsite and its surroundings

Campsite Hours:

Arrival on your pitch: 14h00-19h00

Arrival for your rental: 16h00-19h00

Departure from your pitch: 12h00 max

Departure from rental: 10h00 max

Pool: 10h-21h

Restaurant: 18h00-20h30

Order for bread: before 22h00 the day before

Bar/Grocer: 8h30-12h00/14h00-19h00

Entrance gates are closed between 23h00 and 7h00

Reception hours: 8h30-12h00/14h00-19h00

Places for shopping:

Le Vigan: boulangerie-pâtisserie, meat shop, produce, newspaper and tobacco shop

Gourdon: Supermarkets, organic shop

You’ll find a cash machine in Gourdon


GP: Le Vigan

Pharmacy: Le Vigan

Dentist: Le Vigan

Veterinary: Le Vigan

Reminders about rentals

Blankets or duvets are available in the chalets

Duvets available in the tents

Sheet rental is available. If you want to bring your own sheets, you’ll find hereafter the bed sizes:

Double bed in chalet: 140×190

Single bed in chalet: 80×190

Double bed in lodge: 140×200

Single bed in lodge: 90×200

Single bed in de Waard tent: 80×190

Duvet for large bed: 220×240

Duvet for small bed: 140×200

The number of people in a given rental cannot exceed its listed capacity. In other words, it is possible to add a small tent outside instead of sleeping in a bed of the cottage or tent. Why is it not possible to exceed the capacity of accomodation? Because the layout and equipment rentals are designed for 4 or 5 people maximum (number of chairs for example).


We provide free and secure access to WIFI. Available at the bar-restaurant up to the pool. The network should improve in 2019 with the arrival of fiber …


6A or 10A depending on the pitch.

To know if you can use an appliance, look at the power listed on it, divide by 240 (volts) and you’ll have the amperage needed. The sum of the amperages from all your electricals should not exceed the pitch capacity…simple no? Avoid trying it on site to see if it holds…you could blow the fuses around you…and that could ruin your neighbor’s meal !!


You can use BBQ except in the woods area.


You can drop your mail in the campsite letterbox. It’s collected around 13h00. You can also receive mail at the campsite address.


You can wash your clothes and dry them either in the dryer or on the drying rack available next to the sanitary. We can also lend you an ironing set.