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Camping Le Rêve - Hiking and biking

Hiking and biking

Hiking enthusiast, you have found a destination that will satisfy you! The difficulty will be more to make the choice among the tens or even hundreds of trails we proposed in the area. As hiking enthusiasts, ourselves, we offer you specific stays that you can consult on our page Hiking Stay. We wanted to share here our favorite hikes, our bests… discover the region through our eyes!

Hiking from the campsite

The campsite is located at the crossroads of 4 major types of very different landscapes: the Dordogne Valley, the Bouriane, the Causses du Quercy with its plateau and canyons. The result is a richness and diversity very specific to our location.

You don’t have to go very far to be able to go for a walk. Many marked loops are accessible from the campsite.

Our recommendations for getting started:
•‘Le chemin des hameaux’ with the discovery of the very pretty village of Nozac, multiple loops until 2h30 possible
•‘Le chemin des deux fermes’ which allows to visit our local producers, Peyrès (duck) and La Borie Blanche (Saffron), 2h00
•‘Le circuit de Pochy’ which starts from the village center and well illustrates our countryside, 2h30

All the walking routes are available from the campsite reception.

Hiking in Lot - Dordogne

Causses du Quercy Plateau

I will talk here about the most arid part, a dry and mineral plateau where the soils are covered with dry lawns or pubescent oaks. The dry lawns are largely composed of herbaceous perennials and it is the ideal place to observe orchids. This raw nature also shelters traces of rural human activity such as dry-stone walls, ‘cazelles’ and ‘gariotes’ or lakes dug to water livestock. Spring and autumn walks are to be preferred as temperatures can be high in summer, but this can be an option when July or August gives us a bit of respite.

Our preferences on the plateau :
‘Les fonds de la Braunhie’ (prononce Brogne) for a short walk with children, 1h30
‘La Braunhie de Saint Namphaise’, 3h30

Canyons of the Gramat Causses

In the north of the Causses du Quercy, in the Gramat Causses, flow the Ouysse and the Alzou, rivers that have shaped impressive canyons. You may not see the rivers much in dry periods, but they are still there, underground and resurgent. More technical, with big differences of altitude, you will be amazed!

Our best: ‘Le Moulin du saut’, 2h. A must-see that all our campers agree on! Descent then ascent from one slope to the other with a passage through the ruins of mills. We took the picnic with the landscape that you have on the picture, nice isn’t it?

Green Bouriane Countryside

Much greener than the landscapes of the Causse, the rides are generally well sheltered thus rather fresh in summer, it is an advantage! I’m used to say that each village has its own hike! As they have an average duration of 2h30, I recommend to couple a few villages and to stop in one or the other to profit by the countryside.

Our favorites :
‘Circuit de Saint Clair’, 2h30
‘Circuit ENS de Dégagnazes et son sanctuaire’, 1h30 (ENS : Sensitive Natural Area)
‘Circuit de Saint Projet’, the neighboring village, remarkable for its open views, 3h

Dordogne Valley

We will especially recommend this valley for all its ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’, whether on the Lot side with Carennac, Loubressac or Autoire but also on the Dordogne side with Domme, La Roque-Gageac, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and Beynac-et-Cazenac. There are nevertheless superb walks that combine passages along the river and ascent of the plateau with a 360°view on the whole Dordogne valley.

Our best : ‘Des rochers et des hommes’, 3h. Start from the village of Saint Sozy, climbing of the cliff, arrival at the top with an orientation table, downhill with small caves, arrival on the Dordogne river where you can swim ! But be careful if you are afraid of heights, you may find some passages difficult to apprehend.

Bicycle and mountain bike circuits, Lot - Dordogne

Chemins circuit vtt v

Mountain bike

We recommend 3 circuits that you can reach from the campsite.

•’Le circuit de Payrac’, 20km, which you can catch in Camy. It does not present any major difficulty apart from two passages with a big difference in altitude.
•’Au coeur de la Bouriane’, 14km to which you have to add 8km, return from the campsite. The circuit will make you pass by the castle of Milhac, built on ancient fortifications.
•The 3rd circuit is a home-made one, 30km which goes through the medieval town of Gourdon.

Beyond these circuits, we have at your disposal a book made of 76 bike circuits in the Lot!

Chemins velo elec v

Electric bike

Don’t be discouraged by the ‘pechs’ (hills) that line the territory and turn this difficulty into an opportunity to experience the electric bike. A very pleasant way to discover a larger area, adjusting the effort to one’s shape and rhythm.

The National Park of the Causses du Quercy offers several circuits, enhanced by geocaching.

Where to rent an electric bike? We have two adult bicycles at the campsite and we also work with Gaëlle from vélos verts du Lot.

Chemins voies vertes v

Green lanes

An alternative is to walk on the green lanes. Gourdon – Grolejac – Sarlat, Gourdon- Grolejac- Souillac. If you wish to join this green way from the campsite, you should go through the villages of Anglars-Nozac, Auniac, Lamothe-Fénelon and finally Saint-Julien de Lampon.

Circuits available on the campsite

You can consult books with many paths’ description, which you can borrow or take pictures of. Don’t hesitate to come and exchange with us on any of these trails. We have taken pictures of the different hikes, which will help you choose the one that suits you best.

Finally, the area has developed a very practical application that we recommend: Circuits Lot et Dordogne (to download for the duration of your stay).

You can also make a search of the hikes via this search engine :

Circuits Lot et Dordogne Application download