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Family friendly campsite in France

Vacation is a special time with kids when everyone lives at their own pace, is a little freer and enjoys coming together.

A safe campsite for the whole family


Freedom, sharing, friendliness, the fundamental camping values take shape at LE REVE. Big and small can stroll on premises safely. Situated at the end of a path, the site is away from any road. Without noise nor pollution from cars, the campsite is inherently safe for younger kids. If you wish you can leave your own car in the dedicated space by the camp entrance. You’ll contribute to an even greener and safer stay.

A family campsite where kids are freer


“My favorite thing about camping is getting bread and croissants all by myself” ! », Erwan, 8

Start the day with the satisfaction of trusting the young ones to fetch for breakfast !


Camping is sharing moments with your kids… or leave them in the care of our counselor for a relaxing break. It is building relationships with others by playing a game or going on a visit using our car sharing service. It’s also the chance to learn and share the values we hold dear.

Some suggestions from LE REVE

… Borrow one of our guidebooks on flora and fauna. Go out with the kids and figure out which animal was just there, just by the food scraps they left for clues…

… Learn to identify birds and butterflies using the LPO guide (Ligue Protectrice des Oiseaux)

A Family vacation to share warm and loving moments


What a treat to live outdoors, to wake up at dawn, to eat outside, and spend most of the time in the sun. Simply happiness !

Feel free to do nothing… or just a little more. We prefer simple pleasures and like to let time go by…

 To be on vacation is having nothing to do, and the entire day to do it

Robert Orben

Enjoy the playground with your kids

Come and discover...