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Life change

Life change

The 28 April 2022
Life change - Creativity workshop

Life change: choosing quality of life

Both from the North West of France, our lives literally changed when we decided to take over Le Camping le Rêve in October 2017.

The campsite is like us: human, responsible and welcoming. We meet you, we exchange with you and we get to know you: your passions, your families, your holiday habits… After four years of camping and more than 5000 encounters, the feedback is always kind and warm. We take pleasure every day in helping to make our guests’ holidays more enjoyable and fulfilling, as much for our individual advice as for our cooking skills.

So who is really behind Le Camping le Rêve? Here are the questions most frequently asked by our guests!

Richard, the Swiss Army knife of camping

I was born in Rennes and grew up in Vezin-le-Coquet, a small town in the suburbs of Rennes. Passionate about sports, I combined basketball and studies until I was 25. I then entered the professional world of industry, working in many sectors (food processing, automotive, cosmetics) from France to Quebec, where I was lucky enough to live for nearly 6 years (my two daughters Rozenn and Mathilde were born there). But the desire to change life, working as a couple, in the fresh air was really present and I am very happy today to have tried the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Our personalities are very complementary and we enjoy working together. I’m more involved in the maintenance of the business and I’m also the accountant and the cook at the campsite restaurant: a new, varied and busy daily routine that I really enjoy!

And what about the campsite in all this?

The campsite that marked my childhood: Le bois d’amour in Quiberon, where I used to go with my friends after the end of the university year
Would you prefer a tent or a caravan?
Tent, without hesitation… I think I have never slept in a caravan!
My morning ritual at the campsite:
Getting up, a little cat wash and stretching in the bathroom, before going to the kitchen to bake bread
The perfect place to recharge my batteries
The arms of my sweetheart
The quality I respect most in Lucile
My best memory of camping Le Rêve
The meals shared with the regulars or with friends passing through
The guest’s anecdote I’ll never forget
The guest who stayed upright, hanging on to his tent, during a storm, so that his tent wouldn’t fly away!
My best memory of camping
Evenings with friends, singing/playing the guitar (and yet I sing very badly)
Would you rather have wine and local produce or a walk and a kayak?
Both, Captain!
My favourite walk
I love walks in the causses, with the dry stone walls, the boxwood, and the arid and wild side
My favourite village
Domme, a fortified town with a view of the Dordogne and the castles
The dish I am most proud to propose in the restaurant
The home-made duck parmentier! “A real treat, according to the customers

Love and do as you please


Lucile, in charge of the campsite Le Rêve

I come from a small village in Normandy called Rogerville. As a child, I was lucky enough to spend my holidays in the heart of the fields and animals on my aunt and uncle’s farm (even eating the milk powder for the little calves…). I started my professional career in Paris for an American multinational. I had the chance to travel a lot in Europe, the United States and Asia and I loved learning about other ways of life and other cultures.

When my son Nicolas was 3 years old and my daughter Enora was born, I chose to leave Paris for Brittany. I worked for the Yves Rocher brand in the development of new products, eco-design and innovation.

After this career rich in emotions, I chose to settle in the open air and live in harmony with my values at Richard’s side and one thing is sure: I am not disappointed! I love my life and my daily routine. I am in contact with the guests, I inform them about visits and activities, I manage the vegetable garden and serve in the restaurant.

Out of season, Richard and I work together a lot, helping each other and thinking up new concepts for our campsite. The guests say that we are sunny: always happy and smiling. I think you can see our happiness on our faces every day. A new life that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world!

Camping, much more than a job

The campsite that marked my childhood In Saint Palais sur mer where I went with my family.
Was it a tent or a caravan? Folding caravan with my parents, it was fun to set it up.
My morning ritual at the campsite Stretching in my bed, getting up, welcome board for the day’s arrivals and a little note for birthdays, going down to the village to look for the baguettes from the baker and a trip to the grocery shop for the restaurant
The ideal place to recharge my batteries The vegetable garden
The quality that I respect most in Richard Respect, welcoming others in their uniqueness
My best memory of camping Le Rêve The passionate discussions with guests about nature and the sharing of life moments
The anecdote from a guest that I will never forget Roos, a little girl who told her parents that she wanted to do the same job as me when she grew up, it must be great because I was always smiling!
My best memory of campsite Nights under the stars, remaking the world
Rather wine and terroir or walking and kayaking? Difficult to choose… we start with the second one and we really deserved the first one!
My favourite walk Des rochers et des hommes where we arrive on a panoramic point of view of the Dordogne
My favourite village Le Vigan because there are a lot of nice people there!
The dish I am most proud to propose in the restaurant The homemade desserts that Richard makes on Friday evenings, especially the chocolate mousse!

Look for a tree and let it teach you peace

Eckhart Tolle

Taking charge of your life, daring to take the plunge

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Sustainable Development Award

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Car-free campsite

The 04 November 2022
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