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Nature protection - LPO Shelter

Nature Protection

The 26 November 2019
Nature Protection - LPO Shelter

Nature protection : LPO shelter

I like walking along the campsite and listening to the song of the birds, I feel happy. I sit in the sun and observe nature around me. The wind rustles the leaves of the trees giving the impression that they are whispering sweet words that I would like to understand. The redbreast is often the first to approach me. Curious by nature, he often accompanies us to the garden, hoping to glean some earthworms we could dig up on our way.

Nature is beautiful and it is very naturally that we decided to commit ourselves to protect it. For over a year now, Camping Le Rêve is LPO Shelter (LPO = BPL,  Bird Protection League).

Nature protection and biodiversity

Some plots are left fallow
Birdhouses and insect hotels are located in the park
Flowering and fruit shrubs are planted for insects
Local species are favoured when trees are renewed
No chemicals, we signed the Zero Phyto charter

Nature protection and educational project

To be an LPO shelter is also about sharing around Nature and proposing an educational project. We share our knowledge through discussions and workshops and we are excited to learn from you to be more relevant in our actions.

Activities around nature

Recognize the plants of the garden (from the seed to the fruit that we eat)
Discovery walks in the park
Recognize the passage of animals via their tracks (fingerprints, excrement)
Realizations of birdhouses, insect hotels
Weekend at the vegetable garden, picking of linden or mulberries

Want to know more about LPO or even get involve yourself?

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