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Camping Le Rêve - Flowers

Zero Waste Ecotourism, a responsible campsite

The 20 January 2020

Zero Waste Tourism, yes it is possible at Camping Le Rêve

You have adopted good practices at home to reduce your waste, you sort or even compost your food waste … You daily sensitize your family to always reduce your impact on the environment. Why should you act differently when you are on vacation?

At Camping Le Rêve, it is possible to extend your best practices outside the house! We signed the Charter “Zero Waste Tourism”.

Reduce, Sort, Valorize and Raise Awareness, words that make sense at Camping Le Rêve

Poubelle restreinte


Avoid packaging

No single-use product, use own containers

Le Rêve/The Dream: No packaging on the takeaway snack, we ask you to bring your containers to get your fries, hamburger or fish

Dreamers: Use a large water dispenser that you fill at the taps on the campsite and avoid the plastic bottles

Decrease the amount of packaging

Favour large containers, favour concentrated products

Le Rêve/The Dream: We provide concentrated and eco-labelled dishwashing liquid in chalets. A small dose is enough, thus reducing releases to the environment and increasing the life cycle of the packaging

Dreamers: Choose concentrated hygienic products such as Yves Rocher Eco shower gel for example. The +, it takes less space in suitcases

Tri selectif


Waste sorting containers

Glass, cardboard, paper, metal, plastic, many things are sorted. In our town, we also collect small packages such as yogurt pots, lids, films and sachets or trays that you buy in supermarkets

Le Rêve/The Dream: Free distribution of sorting bags for plastic, metal or cardboard packaging and for paper

Dreamers: Bring your trash rack to fix the sorting bag, it will simplify access and use. Remember to compact bottles and cartons to take up less space



Make a compost

Le Rêve/The Dream: We recycle our personal and restaurant food waste. Added to leaves and mowing grass, we make compost and feed our plants

Dreamers: Use the green buckets that we put at your disposal to sort your food waste and deposit them in the collective composter

Allow a second life

Le Rêve/The Dream: Use of pallets to make furniture like plant containers

Dreamers: Instead of throwing away what you do not want to bring home, consider making them available to other campers by placing them in the area provided on the campsite




Have panels to explain the best practices. Educate children in a fun way

Le Rêve/The Dream: Funny animation for children such as ‘Fish, Sort and transform your waste’

 Dreamers: Share your best practices with us and write them down in our EcoResponsible notebook

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