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Camping Le Rêve - A car-free campsite

Car-free campsite

The 04 November 2022
Camping Le Rêve - Car-free campsite

A pedestrian campsite

After the success of the “car-free” area on two islets of the campsite, we decided to extend the experience to the whole campsite. This evolution towards a pedestrian campsite seems to us very natural and in coherence with our approach of ecological camping.

More safety
A car-free area is an area where we can let the children play more safely. We know that on the campsite children run or cycle without worrying about what is around.  By restricting vehicle access to certain areas, it increases safety for pedestrians, especially the youngest.

More comfort
Fewer cars coming and going also means less noise, pollution and dust. It also means more space on your site and a more pleasant environment for everyone.

Preservation of the environment
Parking vehicles on the pitches causes deterioration of the lawns. It compacts the ground, helping to choke the roots of the surrounding trees.

How does it work?

You can access your campsite or rental accommodation with your car on the day of arrival and on the day of departure. To take the car-free experience to the next level, you have the alternative of using a trolley to carry your belongings effortlessly. The trolley will also come in handy for carrying your shopping. During your stay, your car will be parked in the car park at the entrance to the campsite.

Van, camper van

If your vehicle is also your living and sleeping space, you can park it on your campsite. The waste water disposal area at the sanitary facilities remains accessible.

Reduced mobility

Our approach is to provide more comfort to the majority of our guests. However, if you have a temporary or permanent disability and have difficulty moving around, we can adapt our rules for you.

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