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A local currency at the campsite

The 14 February 2022
Local currency - Le Rêve - Saint-Clair, village in Bouriane

Camping Le Rêve : actor of the local growth

Because the development of local life is one of our main challenges, we decided, along with many other actors, to join the A.M.I.C. (Association pour la Monnaie d’Initiative Citoyenne) in order to develop on our territory a new approach of the act of purchase. How can we do this? Thanks to a local currency bearing the sweet name of our river in the Lot: the Céou.

What is a local currency ?

But what does it consist of? In order to encourage local trade and exchanges, the Pays Bourian (where our campsite is located) has found a strategy that pays off : the development of a so-called local money.

In an approach respectful of both humans and nature, the Céou allows to stimulate social links and to finance the local economy and not the global economy.

What is céou ?

A solidarity economy that is flourishing in the Lot. Through the creation of the Céou, members and partners wish to encourage individuals to become actors in local life and to review their vision of money and the economy as a whole: they know where their money really goes!

The use of the Céou allows :

– To contribute to local life and the circular economy through local exchanges
– To imagine differently the monetary and economic approach
– To value the links between the actors (providers, consumers, communities) based on sharing, transparency and equity
– To participate in the protection of the environment (less travel, support of local producers,…)
– To all citizens to encourage the actors of their territory.

In addition to enriching the local economy, the Céou is also an excellent means of development for the Bouriane. Part of the guarantee fund is used to finance ethical and sustainable projects in the area.

But how does the Céou work?

Created in 2014 and managed by the A.M.I.C. , the Céou is used like a traditional currency and has the same value as the euro. Presented in the form of bills of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20, the Céou can be used at service providers who are members of the A.M.I.C. This membership, of an amount of only 5€, is open to all but only selects businesses and individuals who meet a certain number of ethical criteria defined by the community of users.

Through their membership, service providers are also encouraged to improve their social and environmental practices (waste sorting, employee welfare, favoring local products…)

Once this annual fee is paid, the members can get céous in one of the fixed exchange counters, present in Gourdon and exchange them with their customers for a good or a service. To find them, nothing could be simpler: take a look at their windows. If you can see a green sticker, then you can use your new currency there!

Camping Le Rêve : actor of the Céou

As a local actor involved in the citizen life, it was logical for us to participate in this beautiful territorial initiative.

As a member of the A.M.I.C., we encourage you to exchange part of your vacation budget in ceous during your stay. You can thus discover the ethical shops of the territory and can also pay all the services of the campsite (restaurant, bar, ice cream) with this local currency. We provide you with a list of all the service providers who are members of this solidarity economy.

Your involvment

By participating in this initiative you will be involved in the solidarity economy and contribute to the development of the territory through a simple and free exchange of money.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us during your stay. We will be able to give you more information about the Céou and to communicate the list of the partners members of the association.

Céou, a sustainable commitment of Camping Le Rêve

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