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Sustainable Development Award - Le Touquet

Sustainable Development Award

The 26 November 2022

The federation of campsites organised the first sustainable development trophies in 2022 with the awards ceremony on 24 November. Camping Le Rêve was honoured with the jury’s ‘coup de coeur’ award. We are very happy to have received this prize, which underlines the whole approach of our campsite since we took over.

Jury's 'Coup de Cœur' award

Since 2018, we have been taking care of Le Rêve so that it can welcome our campers in a peaceful and respectful environment. We prioritise our actions based on the principles of sustainable development, which is based on three pillars: ecological, economic and social. I will give you a few examples below to illustrate what this means in concrete terms.

Sustainable development pillars

Taking care of the environment

We pay a lot of attention to water management. This is an essential issue that is likely to be critical in the years to come. We are therefore working in several areas to reduce its consumption and optimise its recovery.

Action taken: we have fitted all the water dispensers with flow reducers. This reduces the amount of water consumed without affecting the comfort of use.
Action in progress: installation of a 10,000 litre underground tank to recover rainwater from the roof of our sanitary facilities and reuse it for toilet flushing.
Ongoing reflection: recovery of rainwater runoff, storage and irrigation of the park to prevent the trees and plants from suffering too much from the regular lack of water.

Integrating a social approach

This is about fairness or respect for individual rights, taking care of people whether they are our customers, employees or suppliers. It is also about solidarity.

Action taken: make the pool area accessible to people with reduced mobility
Action in progress: submission of a file to the CAF organism that delivers VACAF vouchers to families on low incomes
Reflection in progress: integrating a mutual aid project in conjunction with a charity association

Contributing to a responsible economy

This is the idea of perpetuating the campsite’s activities by carrying out projects with limited impact on the planet and on people.

Action taken: encourage short circuits that consume fewer resources, by introducing a local currency, the Céou
Action in progress: in the spirit of up-cycling, promote re-use and repair by renovating our wooden chalets rather than replacing them with new equipment
Longer-term reflection: creation of low-energy rental accommodation, while involving local actors

We are happy to have won this prize. It is obviously recognition of our approach, but it is also a demonstration that an eco-responsible approach does not necessarily require large resources or a lot of money. It is essentially a desire. It’s within everyone’s power and it’s good for our planet!

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Sustainable Development Award

The 26 November 2022
Le Rêve received the “coup de cœur” award at the sustainable development trophy organised by the camping federation on 24/11/2022