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Eco campsite for a green stay

Attuned to responsible development, we strive to protect nature. Our campsite is committed to environmental protection. As such we have joined the association of independent and eco responsible campsites LA VIA NATURA

A campsite that protects nature and helps biodiversity


We know how lucky we are to live in an exceptional natural setting. We want to protect what nature gave us. That’s why we are committing to lower our environmental impact.


We are full of ideas, common or unusual ones. We’ll make sure to implement them as soon as possible. And we always welcome suggestions to do even better.


Limiting our environmental impact also means protecting the place we live in and caring for the plants and animal we share it with.

The diversity of ecosystems on the campsite gives it its natural opulence.


The diverse trees and shrubs planted on the site for over 30 years contribute to biodiversity. And we get to enjoy the birds and small animals who choose to live in them. To further protect them, we have applied to LPO shelter (birds and animal protection association).

Come experience a unique and ecofriendly vacation

Our concrete actions for the environment


All electricity used on the site is generated from renewable sources. It comes from local producers operating hydroelectric generators.

Using green power is good, but managing consumption and reducing energy waste is even better. Identifying and replacing power hungry systems, and implementing low consumption solutions are the ways we reduce our energy footprint.

In 2019, we have begun to switch to solar lighting.


The best waste is the one you don’t produce ! Each of us produces on average 590 kg of waste every year, ending up in bins and dedicated containers (365 kg) and in waste management plants (225kg). It’s twice the amount as 40 years ago! We can reduce and separate the waste that we do produce. The campsite is equipped with dedicated bins for sorting of waste. You’ll also find compost units to recycle food scraps, breathing a second life into your veggies or fruit peels…

At the end of 2018, we signed the Zero Waste Tourism Charter!


Our water taps are equipped with flow regulators with no impact on your comfort. This simple act can reduce water usage by 50%! Did you know that almost a third of the water we consume is used to flush toilets? With a double command flush system we can also reduce that amount by half.

Scientific predictions regarding water scarcity are dire. These simples acts are necessary to contribute to responsible development.

This early 2019, we installed the rainwater collectors!


Le Lot has richness and character. Its plateau and valleys offer excellent produce. Whether you enjoy exceptional products like foie gras and truffle, or prefer the Quercy melon or Rocamadour cheese, our local producers will delight your palate! We also trust them and we work closely with them. You’ll find local organic products on your plate an in our convenience store. Go meet our local producers, they’ll love to tell you all about their work.


Come and discover...